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Do you have an upcoming deposition, hearing, business conference or settlement meeting that demands the assistance of a qualified interpreter?

As a state certified French interpreter with three law degrees who’s served everyone from The Green Cross to the Department of State, Washington D.C., I’m not only proficient in my language pairs, but highly knowledgeable in court and legal jargon.

With a career spanning 10 years, you can depend on me for my professionalism, impartiality, punctuality, and above all, accuracy.

Another important factor: my nerves of steel. Regardless of the environment, tone or formality of the event, I do not let feelings cloud my judgement or sensitive topics impact my performance.

My interpreting process involves:

  • Reviewing documents that will be used during the assignment, prior to the assignment
  • Researching terminology and other valuable resources
  • Drafting a specific glossary to be used for the assignment
  • Performing either simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation depending on the type of event and

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)


Save time and travel time with video remote interpreting. Virtual remote interpreting can be done from anywhere, at whatever time is convenient for you. Unlike face-to-face interpreting, it does not require extensive planning.

With a background in virtual interpreting, I am well aware of how this mode of interpretation works. If you require a state certified French interpreter to smooth out communication issues during your hearing or deposition, allow me to lend my skills. Zoom, Micosoft teams and Boostlingo are the interpreting platforms I can use, upon the client’s request.

Note: I am available during the current coronavirus pandemic to provide virtual remote interpreting services.



From your court documents to your shareholders agreements, emails to your sales contracts, do not let poor translation jeopardize your credibility or business opportunities.

Translation process:

    1. Accepting the translation request
    2. 1st draft
    3. 1st bilingual review
    4. 1st monolingual review
    5. 2nd Monolingual review
    6. Review of the final translation.

The translation process was developed by Monique Longton, as seen in Monique Longton’s article : A translation methodology.

As a certified French translator and a member of American Translators Association (ATA), I can translate your documents and certify they are true to the original.


Impeccable texts inspire trust and confidence.

I can check your documents are entirely accurate, by providing a thorough examination of spelling, grammar, punctuation, terminology, and formatting.

Then you can proudly release them with peace of mind.


Is entering the French or English-speaking market your prime intention?

As a native French speaker who is fluent in English and with degrees in three continents, my knowledge of these cultures is extensive.

Let me help bring your business to a new market and ensure its success.


Cathy-Eitel Nzume

Reno, Nevada
Pacific Daylight time

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About me

I’m Cathy-Eitel Nzume, the founder of CMN Legal Language Services. I left my beloved country of origin, Cameroon, to study in Amiens, France. I’ve been living in the US for the last 13 years. When I’m not interpreting and translating, you’ll find me curled up in a chair reading or spending time with my family. I also currently work in a personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas.

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